» Bunkering Services
Cirrus Oil Services Ltd commenced bunkering operation in April 2010 at the Takoradi Port. The bunkering team consists of six highly trained operators and three competent marine officers. A 24 hour and 7 days a week operation runs on three shifts.

Two storage tanks with a total capacity of 23,000 cubic meters are set aside only for bunkering and linked by two of 4 km pipelines to the harbour. With the pipelines extending to the oil jetty, berth 3 and berth 4, we have the capacity to bunker two vessels at the same time.

Five isolation valves are installed on the pipeline for spill control in the event of spill emergency. The pipeline is manned and monitored 24 hours a day. Cirrus Oil also has the capacity to carry out truck bunkering for smaller vessels. This is done mainly at the dredging wharf, Sekondi Naval base, berth 2, berth 3, berth 4 and berth 6. The maximum working flow rate is 20 cubic meters per hour. There are two certified and calibrated independent flow meters mounted on a skid for metering quantity delivered to the vessels during bunkering. An advanced filtration plant is also installed to enhance fuel quality delivery to our customers.